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  • When does shipping close for orders?

    Please note these important dates regarding purchasing your items:

    Orders requiring shipping close normally close 5 business days prior to ceremonies starting.

    Pick Up orders close - normally close 3 business days prior to ceremonies starting.

    Hire orders can be purchased right up until your graduation. We recommend ordering your items early to make sure we have them in stock!

    Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee that any items purchased after the above-mentioned dates will arrive in time for the next graduation ceremony dates.
  • On the day of your ceremony

    Where do I pick up my gown?

    If you are attending a QUT Graduation, your hired graduation gowns will be issued on the day of the ceremony at the ceremony venue. You will be measured by our robing staff and supplied with the appropriate regalia.

    What time should I arrive for my ceremony?

    Graduates must arrive two hours prior to the start of the ceremony for registration and robing. Academic Regalia should be returned no later than one hour after the conclusion of your graduation. The mortarboard is yours to keep.

    Can I robe myself if I have my own graduation gown?

    All students must be robed by our robing team to ensure all students are stage presentable and wearing the correct regalia. Our robing services are included in the QUT Guild gown hire and purchase prices. If you chose to bring along your own academic dress, you will be required to pay a $10 robing fee at the registration desk.

    What should I wear to my graduation ceremony?

    QUT graduates wear black Cambridge style academic regalia. Gowns are open at the front. Graduates are reminded that this is a formal occasion. The goal is a formal, neat and tidy appearance.

    Do I need my hire receipt on the day?

    We do require you to bring your receipt with you on the day. We encourage you to bring a printed copy to mitigate any technical issues on the day and to help speed the queue along.

    If you can't find your receipt in your emails, first check your junk inbox. Still can't find it? Contact us here.

    Do I get to keep my mortarboard?

    Yes! Your mortarboard is yours to keep as a memento of your special day.

  • My item doesn't fit or is incorrect?

    Please contact us here to organise a refund or exchange. Please note that the items must be unworn and returned within 30 days of purchase.

  • Can I get my hired gown prior to the day of the graduation ceremony?

    Early collection of hired graduation gowns are not permitted. This is so that sufficient gowns are available for all graduates attending scheduled ceremonies.

  • Can I extend my gown hire and keep it for a few days after the graduation?

    No, you must return your graduation gown hire one hour after the ceremony finishes. Consider purchasing academic dress from the QUT Guild if you need to use it for an extended period of time.

  • Do I get a refund once I have returned my hired gown?

    Unfortunately no. Your gown hire fee pays for staffing costs and costs to maintain the gowns. Any profits made from the sale of your gown hire goes back to QUT Guild to support our services such as Academic Advocacy, Food Bank and legal services. So in effect you're helping out your future students. Good on you!

  • What colour hood do I wear?

    Please note QUT is no longer using faculty specific colours. Effective now, all QUT hoods are in the QUT Blue. If you chose to bring along your own regalia, please ensure that it correctly reflects the new QUT Blue and level of qualification. If your regalia differs you will be required to purchase or pay for hire of our stock for your ceremony.

  • What length should the gown be?

    Gown style should be reflective of your level of qualification and fall to the length of Mid-calf (half way between your knee and your ankle).

  • On which side of my mortarboard should the tassel fall?

    Before you cross the stage you are graduand, therefore your tassel is on the right. This also serves the practical purpose of not having the tassel in your face when you are photographed from the audience. After you have walked to the centre of the stage, received your parchment and walk off the stage, you become a graduate and are entitled to wear your tassel on the left. All portrait photography should be done with the tassel on the left hand side.

  • I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

    Firstly, check if you meet our refunds policy. If you do, contact us to organise your refund.

  • When does gown hire registration close for my ceremony?

    If you are hiring for your ceremony, you can purchase your hire right up until the time of your ceremony.

    If you are looking at purchasing your items to keep, see the important dates below: Please note these important dates regarding purchasing your items:

    Orders requiring shipping close 9am Friday 8th December 2023.

    Pick Up orders close - 9am Tuesday 12th December 2023

    Hire orders can be purchased right up until your graduation. We recommend ordering your items early to make sure we have them in stock!

  • I have a bachelors gown, can I wear this when I graduate from masters?

    Unfortunately no, bachelors gowns and masters gowns are different styles. Bachelors gowns have a shorter sleeve length than a masters gown.

  • I am a graduating with a Doctor of Philosophy or Professional Doctorate. Do I have to hire my own gown?

    Students graduating with a Doctor of Philosophy or Professional Doctorate will be provided with complimentary academic dress on the day of their ceremony. Please email with the subject ‘Request for Doctoral Graduation Gown ’ to arrange.